7 Spear Bucket Mounted Hay Fork on a skid steer tractor bucket7 Spear Bucket Mounted Hay Fork on a skid steer tractor bucket

7 Spear Ultra Fork

With 1 base unit, which will fit inside a 4’, 5’ or 6’ bucket and offered for sale with either 7 spears or all 13 spears, which come in 2 different sizes*, you can space the 7 spears in any of the 13 bushings so order what you need and what will fit your bucket and lifting capacity to get the job done! You can always purchase more spears at anytime.

*The spears are a 1¼” in diameter and taper down to a point. They come in 20” or 34” lengths. And are installed with a simple but secure lynch pin, which makes installing or removing them quick and easy.


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The clamp-on Ultra Fork series is ideal for moving manure, hay, down trees, brushes, cleanup junk and debris. Quickly attach these Ultra Forks to your tractor or skid-steer bucket and get more work done. Individual spears can be removed quickly and easily to adapt to the load.

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Weight205 lbs
Dimensions60 × 34 × 4 in


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