Receiver Hitches

One of our original products stemmed from a need to constantly move trailers around our lot. We designed and manufactured a receiver hitch that clamps on to tractor buckets just for that.

We refined our design and added a lifting hook on the bottom that can handle up to 2000 lbs capacity and improved the clamp in the following models.

Clamp-on Receiver Hitch with Hook
A closeup of the USA Forks Toothbar mounted to a tractor bucket
Bucket Hitch Receiver with trailer

We expanded on this idea to include a variety of tractor mounted receiver hitches and now have a full line of Hitch products.

Our newest addition is the top-of-bucket mounted hitch receiver with HD hooks. This mounted design will not move or slip with heavy loads and provides hooks for pulling, lifting or securing loads.

Top Bucket Hitch Receiver no background
Pallet Fork Hitch Receiver attached to pallet fork
The underside of a tractor bucket shows a clamp on Toothbar teeth and shanks

Receiver Hitches Demo

Click the image to play the demo

Receiver Hitch


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I am impressed with the quality of the construction (In Reference to Medium-Duty Pallet Forks)

Henry H. of Piedmont, SC

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I like the way you conduct business. Delivery was prompt. 5 out of 5 stars! I would highly recommend!

Richard R. of Cleburne, TX

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I got more work done in 30 minutes than I was able to get done in a month with my 52″ Debris Forks.

Les O. of Coaldale, CO

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Prompt and accurate service. Quality product! I would highly recommend your products to other people!

Gerrald B. of LaGrange, GA