Silage & Manure Forks

Our patent pending 7 Spear Ultra Fork and the 13 Spear Ultra Fork clamps onto most tractor or skid loader buckets. Works great for picking up hay bales, pallets, manure, debris, shrubs, silage, trash and more. Removable spears allow for multiple configurations.

The fork assembly slips over the edge of the bucket and is held fast by 2 screw-on clamps. No welding or drilling is required.

7 Spear Bucket Mounted Hay Fork on a skid steer tractor bucket
7 Spear Ultra Fork with no background
Bucket Hay Fork attached to Skid Steer

The 52-in. wide unit comes with 7 replaceable, heavy-duty 32-in. long spears that extend through holes in the frame and are secured with lynch pins. The spears are spaced 7 in. apart and have a lift capacity of 1,500 lbs – enough to tackle almost any job!

The top part of the frame has 4 stake pockets designed to hold 2 by 4’s that form a “backstop” when hauling brush.

13 Spear Ultra Fork Specifications
13 Spear Ultra Fork White Background

Ultra Fork Demo

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Ultra Fork


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I like the way you conduct business. Delivery was prompt. 5 out of 5 stars! I would highly recommend!

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I am impressed with the quality of the construction (In Reference to Medium-Duty Pallet Forks)

Henry H. of Piedmont, SC

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I got more work done in 30 minutes than I was able to get done in a month with my 52″ Debris Forks.

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Prompt and accurate service. Quality product! I would highly recommend your products to other people!

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